About Golden EDI

Pioneering a digital future

The genesis

Established in 2014, Golden EDI is not just another tech venture; it's the embodiment of our rich legacy and extensive experience in providing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions. Our journey began with integrating EDI into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its predecessor, Navision.
The Golden EDI team
The Golden EDI team

The team behind the innovation

Our founding team, who've been collaborating since 2003, bring together a diverse array of expertise. While some of us cut our teeth as ERP consultants even before the days of Navision, others are seasoned veterans in custom systems development in the .NET environment. This melting pot of skills and perspectives enables us to craft high-caliber, customized solutions for the most demanding business requirements.

Our products and solutions

At Golden EDI, we're not just building a technical service, we assist our users to become more efficient and streamlined with our seamless integrations. Whether it's the Trading Fulfillment App, the Intercompany Hub, or our cutting-edge E-Invoice App, each offering reflects our collective competence and mission to digitize and simplify complex business processes.

By solving and automating critical integrations, we create room for extraordinary outcomes.

Why choose Golden EDI?

  • Efficiency & Scalability: Our solutions are designed to bring about a paradigm shift in how businesses handle their sales, purchase, and trading operations.
  • Customization & Flexibility: From white-label apps to bespoke integrations, our offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Global reach: Through strategic partnerships and our Cloud Integration Platform (CIP), our services transcend geographical limitations, connecting businesses across the globe.
  • Security & Reliability: With robust monitoring and secure protocols, you can rest assured your data and transactions are in safe hands.

Our mission

We aim to be a catalyst in the ongoing digital transformation of business processes – making them quicker, smarter, and more sustainable. Golden EDI is not just a service provider; we are a reliable partner in your journey towards a fully digitalized and optimized operational framework.

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