E-Invoice App

Streamlined invoicing directly from Business Central

We simplify your invoicing process by offering an all-in-one solution right within Business Central. Choose how your customers receive their invoices and let our system handle the rest.

Delivery methods

Direct PDF invoice from Business Central

Our automated function ensures your invoices are sent as PDF files directly from Business Central, maintaining the layout as you've set it up.

Enhanced PDF invoicing via Golden EDI Cloud Integration Platform

Ideal for invoices with attachments. We merge them to ensure the recipient gets a single consolidated file.The layout remains consistent with what you've set in Business Central.

Business Central retains its position as the official sender, ensuring continuity and professionalism.

E-invoicing service

We proudly partner with Crediflow for distribution, ensuring nearly complete coverage in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. For international clientele, we support Peppol.

Along with e-invoices, recipients typically receive a visual PDF representation of the invoice for clarity.

Traditional Postal Invoice

Opt for Crediflow's print and mail delivery service if your customer prefers tangible invoices. Invoices are printed from the internal PDF, tailored for window envelopes within Business Central.

Customizable e-invoice content

Selectively showcase specific lines in the e-invoice, such as omitting internal distribution lines. Collaboration between partners and Golden EDI will be essential to achieve this.

Note: For PDF invoices, layout adjustments for displaying information are managed by the partner.

Elevate your invoicing process and ensure smooth financial transactions with our E-Invoice App.

License tiers


An entry-level for an automatized PDF function in Business Central.

Basic invoice

For businesses requiring standard invoicing functionalities when running “vanilla” Business Central.

Advanced invoice

A comprehensive solution for businesses with intricate invoicing needs and extended status reporting in Business Central.