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White Label Apps

Propel your brand forward without technical hurdles

In the modern digital landscape, having a dedicated integration app on AppSource can elevate your brand, drive engagement, and foster partnerships. However, the intricacies of app development, especially within the context of Business Central, can be daunting.

Golden EDI white label services:

Expertise in Business Central

Even if Business Central development is outside your purview, our experienced team has the skills and knowledge to ensure seamless integrations and robust app functionality.

Customized to reflect your brand

While powered by Golden EDI's platform, the end product will resonate with your brand's identity, aesthetics, and ethos, ensuring it aligns with your market positioning.

Accelerated time to market

By leveraging our expertise and platform, you can drastically reduce the development cycle, ensuring your app is live on AppSource in record time.

Dedicated maintenance & support

Post-launch, our team remains committed to ensuring your app runs smoothly, handling updates, patches, and any potential issues that may arise.

For a diverse partner base

Whether you're an EDI portal, a PIM system provider, a warehouse management systems provider, or any other entity looking to integrate with Business Central, our white-label solutions are adaptable to fit your specific needs.

Increase your market presence and foster stronger business relationships with Golden EDI.