Intercompany Hub

Seamless integration across the globe

Designed to bridge the communication gap between your global Business Central entities, our Intercompany Hub app is the guarantee for flexibility and interconnectivity. Ensures your business operates as one cohesive unit.

It includes the following benefits

Global connectivity

Integrate all your Business Central companies, from your primary entity to subsidiaries, ensuring streamlined data flow and unified operations.

Unparalleled flexibility

Whether it's data from different starting points or multiple directions simultaneously, our configuration allows for robust data exchange. For instance, instead of the traditional flow where a sales order leads to a purchase order, the Intercompany Hub allows a purchase order to initiate a sales order in the corresponding selling company.

Versatility across versions

Differing versions or installations of Business Central? No problem. Exchange data with the same ease and simplicity.

Direct cloud communication

Every interaction is channeled directly through Golden EDI's Cloud Integration Platform (CIP), offering you the benefits of real-time monitoring, heightened security, and much more.

The Golden EDI Intercompany Hub cuts down on paperwork, saves time and enhances sustainability.