Business Central Hub

Direct integration with unlimited potential

In today's digital landscape, direct and seamless integration isn't a luxury – it's a necessity. Enter the Business Central Hub, our answer to the call for effortless connectivity.

Key benefits with the Golden EDI solution:

Direct connectivity

Are you engaging with fellow Business Central users? Our platform facilitates a direct bridge between your company and your Business Central partners, be it customers or suppliers.

Simplified set-up

Forget complex configurations. With an easy set-up process, you'll be integrated and operational in no time.

Sales and purchase amplified

Keep the journey going towards full digitalization and achieve peak efficiency in both sales and purchase processes.

Bypass additional operators

We value directness. With our Cloud Integration Platform (CIP), your data moves straight from your Business Central to theirs – no detours, no delays.

Robust monitoring and security

Every interaction and every exchange is safeguarded and monitored in real-time through the renowned capabilities of Golden EDI's Cloud Integration Platform (CIP).

Embrace the future of business integrations, with direct, secure, and efficient connections.