Ongoing deepens its partnership with golden edi for microsoft business central

Ongoing and Golden EDI AB have numerous mutual customers within e-commerce, business with a high reliance on warehouse operations, and third-party logistics who use Golden EDI's services for integration and Ongoing's warehouse management system, Ongoing WMS, for their warehouses. Now, they are simplifying the connection between the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system and Ongoing WMS even further. This is done by launching a complete offer—Ongoing WMS Connector—on Microsoft App Source that completely links necessary functions in Microsoft Business Central and Ongoing WMS. With the launch in App Source and Microsoft's rigorous quality controls, it becomes easier for more users of Business Central to find Ongoing WMS. All this is to enable more companies to have as simple and connected logistics as possible!

Fredrik Einarsson, CEO of Ongoing, comments on the connector: "This offer allows companies around the world using Microsoft Business Central and managing their own warehouses to quickly connect all their logistics and streamline their processes out in the warehouse with the help of Ongoing WMS."

Mats Persson, CEO of Golden EDI, continues: "The cooperation with Ongoing points to an ongoing trend where customers should be able to choose the parts, or apps, that provide the best effect for the business and in this way strengthen their competitiveness. The solution itself shows the power and flexibility we have in our Golden EDI platform. We think of this as a packaged vertical solution on top of our horizontal platform. We work hard to simplify and streamline everything from settings of integrations to the business processes themselves."

In short, the offer means that a company that has warehouse operations and where Microsoft Business Central is used as a business system can easily start digitalizing and streamlining its warehouse processes via Ongoing WMS Connector and Ongoing WMS. With relatively limited efforts, the integration can be up and running in less than half the time compared to traditional integration.

Through Golden EDI's Software-as-a-Service offer for Ongoing WMS Connector, and a fixed monthly fee, companies can be sure that their integration connection follows Microsoft's development of Business Central.

Ongoing WMS often becomes particularly interesting to companies when they discover that the business system's warehouse module lacks features such as scanning functions to reduce incorrect picks, a user interface that is not adapted for a warehouse worker, or when they want to collect productivity data for their employees in the warehouse. Now, the transition to Ongoing WMS as a warehouse management system becomes much more manageable!

For more information on Ongoing WMS Connector, contact Golden EDI at or Christian Jönsson, Golden EDI, +46 76 1314900